Thursday, April 28

Good Riddance Veins

One leg down, one to go...

Today marked the day that I finally got to have my painful varicose vein in my left legs closed. It was a fairly painless procedure and although I have some discomfort in my leg from the micro incisions that were used to remove the vein, I couldn't more more happy that I did it.

I had to wear awful compression stocking for 6 months from the time I wake until I hit the bed. These things are marketing for older men and women. I find myself shopping with the best of the elderly in these shops that sell these stockings. They are super tight and squeeze you skin. They are surely not comfortable and incredible itchy. The waist on these things come up past your belly button. Not quite the style I was hoping for. But, I put all this aside when I was told back in October of 2010 that I have severe vein reflux and the only way to help myself was to wear them.

Wear them- this is what  I did. Insurance companies will not pay for "vein ablation" or microphlebectomies until ( my procedures)the patient wears this trendy stockings for at least 6 months and testifies that no, the stockings did not solve the problem. The truth is that they NEVER DO.  Varicose veins are hereditary and over time they just begin to get worse- stockings just help manage the pain.

So I waited the long 6 months and over time the pain from from veins just got incredibly worse. It has been hard standing for periods of time, chasing Madeline around, and just doing ordinary tasks around the house without grabbing my legs in pain.

Here is a great picture and short explanation of varicose veins...

As you can see, healthy valves allow blood to flow in one direction. When valves do not function properly    blood flows backward, creating strain and damage to vein walls. This results in varicose veins.

  (taken from
So I had a combination of two procedures today. Vein Ablation see below:

And two microphlebectomies...

For those of your curious....
What are microphlebectomies?

Microphlebectomies are tiny incisions (less than the width of a pencil) through which varicose veins are carefully teased out. The incisions are spaced about every 2-3 inches or so, so the procedure can be tedious and time-consuming if veins are scattered over a wide area. Stab avulsion is another name for this technique. The simplicity, minimal expense, and rarity of complications with microphlebectomies give this technique an important continuing role in varicose vein treatment.

Hopefully within a few weeks I will be chasing Madeline again- at least on one leg pain free. Cannot wait to get the other leg done to feel more relief. Pictures coming soon...once I get these legs more picture ready!


  1. Now that some time has gone by what are your feelings. Was it everything you hoped for? I have awful pain.

  2. Mike- It was WELL worth both procedures. I had some discomfort from both legs after the vein procedure but I would TOTALLY recommend it. I have my legs and life back!


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