Monday, April 4

My Little "M"

It was a WARM 80 degrees here in DC today. We visited the park and spent some time in our new yard.

As some of you know, we often call Madeline "M".  The nickname "Maddie" just hasn't ever really stuck with us. Maybe as Madeline gets older she may prefer "Maddie" but, as of now we like it very simple- "M" or "Em."When I came across this shirt- I was more than excited. (Click here to get your own custom made shirts- like this one!) This is my little M....loving her time outdoors. If she could LIVE outside she would....

***PS: Our shipment of Cayston arrives tomorrow via the Fed Ex guy. I will be updating our journey once we begin this medication tomorrow. More updates coming soon....


  1. Sandy she is sooo pretty!! I can't promise that if we ever get to meet up one day I won't scoop her up and kiss those adorable cheeks!! Love the shirt too. So cute. Hope you guys are well and hope things are going great at the new house. Hugs!

  2. woohoo for Cayston almost being here! My parents called me "M" too when I was younger, I think its adorable. I love her shirt especially the last photo. It looks like it could be a pic outta a magazine!

  3. Oh, I wish I wish we lived closer


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