Friday, January 7


Usually, when I am getting ready in the morning, Madeline toys around in
our bedroom and around the upstairs in our small 2 bedroom townhouse
 that we are renting. We have a gate at the top of the stairs so usually it is
 safe for her to wander between our bedrooms and
 hers while I find some clothes.

Yesterday while getting ready, I did my quick glance to make sure that she was still within my sight and not finding something new to get into that she shouldn't be. I went back and forth between rooms and could not find her in her usual places. My mind was racing until I turned to look on the chaise that is usually covered with blankets and a ton of fur to see....

Yes, my daughter is officially sitting in one of the cat beds! I mean WHO KNEW?! My panic turned to crazy laughter after I realized she had crawled up there and settled into the cat's bed. Who would think to look for her in a cat bed?! ( One of the cats had actually taken off since she climbed up there. You can see the other car looking on as in almost complete disgust. )Not only was it funny that she had found this place to sit, but also that she looked quite comfortable there. It appeared that she was just chillin'. Her relaxed nature that screamed, "yea, mom, I am here chillin in the cat bed" made me laugh even harder.

Thank goodness I had the camera nearby to capture this hilarious moment
because it didn't end there.

     She crawls out of the cat bed and reaches for the one cat left so she
can pet her.  I guess she didn't think she was close enough because
pretty soon she climbed to the top of the chaise...

There she met the cat and they both had a stare down contest.

After the laughing had subsided, I realized how Madeline was just covered
in fur. We had just washed those blankets days ago and still the cat hair was
everywhere (can you see all the fur on the blanket). The cats have always
"chosen" that as their place to lay so they only choice we had was to cover our
 nice chaise with tons of blanketsmaking not it not look so nice.
Hopefully when we move we will be able to put the chaise with the
coordinating sectional that it goes with in our family room.

Until then, the chaise is in our bedroom used by our cats, and maybe
our daughter who also thinks she is cat....


  1. Hehe priceless! She looks proper comfy up there. Love her little outfit too.

  2. That is awesome. The girls really do have a lot in common. Zoey's favorite place to "hang" is inside the dog crates with the dogs. She even closes herself in there.


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