Sunday, January 2

I did it.

I decided that I didn't want to pay another $20.00 for a haircut for Madeline and instead I was going to cut it myself. It took some convincing from the husband and the realization that if I messed it up I would have to admit to that and take her into a salon to get it "fixed." That was hard to think about...but I took the chance anyhow. Madeline's hair has been growing like a weed. She has my hair which is very thick and constantly has to be maintained to stay up with the amount and volume of it. She got her hair cut just over a month and a half ago......

Before  haircut........


looks uneven but NOT
(Too many curls in the middle!)

So, in all it turned out well. It was incredibly hard to cut because Madeline has her daddy's naturally curly hair. The shorter you cut it, the curlier it gets. It took an over an hour for me to cut it because I was making sure it was even on all sides and had to section each area of hair. The hair totally through me off because every time I would pull the hair straight to cut it, it wouldn't look even. Once  her hair was dry, the CURLS make it look like it wasn't even. I guess that is the hardest part about curly hair and haircuts. No need to make it look even because once she sleep on the left side, she wake us with SUPER CURLS on that side and then that side looks even.

This happened last time when Jack and I took her to BUBBLES salon to get her haircut. It looked even until we got home and then, all the sudden one side looked totally uneven. I snipped a little bit of hair off then...only to realize later that the CURLS were making it LOOK uneven.

So, if a professional salon has a hard time making her hair look even with those curls, then I think I did okay!
Next time though, I think I might opt to spend the $20 at the salon after an hour later, a head bobbing girl, a tired husband, and a floor covered with hair...was not the best. I am pleased though that ... I did it.
(even if it may not be perfect)

 I will let the next stylist next time ask me, "Who cut her hair?!"


  1. Great job! Curly hair is evener harder to cut! I can't believe you got her to sit still for so long. Good job Ms. Cosmetologist!

  2. Good job. I have not gotten Zoeys hair cut yet. I need to at least get it evened out. The top is longer than the bottom. I am afraid she will lose her curl if I cut it. Probaly not though. LOL

  3. I think it looks great! Fantastic job Sandy, very brave. Her curls should even out a little as it grows longer, we used to have the same problem with Sophie's hair. Now she has an even mass of curly fries :).



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