Friday, December 31

What a year...2010!

So much has happened in 2010 for us. It's been a good year full of LOTS of great changes in our family life and work. And with the good moments...there of course come the not so good moments too. Whatever the case, all these events make up 2010 for us....

To sum it up:
- Madeline 1'st birthday

- Jack left the navy after 12 years as a submariner

- Sold our first house (finally after 9 months)

- 1st MAJOR snowfall for us (over 16 inches of snow in Jan.2010!)

- Madeline first encounter at Dewey Beach (loves the ocean!)

- Sandy left teaching after 8 years and became a SAHM

-Madeline learned to walk and talk.

-Madeline said her first word "go go"

-We moved into a 2br rental in DC while waiting for our house to sell

-Jack and I attended 2 CF conferences in NJ and MD

-Madeline cultured Pseudo for the first time

-I started my blog "Mommy for Madeline"

-We got new insurance- that costs more for Madeline's meds :(

-Madeline met a new friend, (Sylvie)who is her age and plays with her weekly

-Madeline was 1st seen at John Hopkins for her CF care in April
and is continuing her care there (Hopkins is one of top 10 care centers
 in the country for CF!)

-Sandy had her 1st root canal/crown

-We participated in our 2nd CF walk in Raleigh, thanks to Jen for hosting it!

-Many visits to see grandparents this year in Richmond and DC!

-Jack took his first "business trips" this year being a "civilian".

-My brother, Joe got married.

-Madeline had her first "sick" visit ever at the pediatrician
  (no lung infections w/ hospital sine 3months, no sick visits at
  the ped. until 17 months!)

-Sandy was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Vein Reflux

-Madeline discovered her new love for pepperoni as one of her "1st people foods!"

-Jack started working a "civilian job" as a defense contractor for
  Systems Planning and Analysis Inc.

 -Madeline was a flower girl.

-Madeline and I enjoyed having Jack home instead of being on active duty for the Navy.

-We discovered a great cf resource with other families
   that battle CF,

-Madeline enjoyed her first Halloween dressed as a princess (YaYa made)

-We learned that Madeline LOVES ketchup!

-Elmo, Fresh Beat Band, and Imagination Movers (Tv shows) became our solution
  to keeping Madeline occupied during her inhaled treatments

-We scored a new desktop from Jack's work for only $50!

-Madeline received her first pair of tap shoes for Christmas (loves to TAP!)

-We've learned that our portable DVD player is a "fix all" for dr's appts.

-We have learned how to cope and manage knowing that Madeline has CF.

-Madeline started new pancreatic enzymes

-We started building a NEW house that is set to be finished in February of 2011!

This is of course a small tidbit of happenings in 2010 but, we are most grateful for Madeline's health
and family and friends that continue to support us. We are hoping for even healthier (no pseudo) lungs
for Madeline, and a place to call "home" again in the new year.

Look how much we have grown since Jan. 2010!!

Madeline and Mommy in Jan 2010

11 months, 2010

That was then....this is NOW....

Mommy and Madeline, Dec. 2010

22 months, Dec. 2010

Here's hoping that everyone has a safe and happy new year! We are celebrating that Madeline hasfinished her oral antibiotic (Cipro) to treat Pseudo. We hope it helped with this nasty bug but will continue on with her inhaled TOBI (that is making her throat sore and very hoarse) in hopes that too will kill it. Next clinic culture will be the end of January.
Let's hope the New Year brings us good news....


  1. Yah! She has changed so much in one year! Such a cutie pie. Love the new blog. How did you put the tabs across the top...I like that. :)

  2. She is so cute. I hate hate hate root canals and crowns. I told my dentist next time just pull the tooth out. Happy New year!!!


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