Monday, November 29

Stupid enzymes.

So.....I am not impressed with Zenpep say the LEAST!

It's been a week since we switched from Pancrecarb to Zenpep and there isn't much to show for it. We are hearing fart noises constantly, smelling god awful aromas from across the house (her poopy diapers), and watching as we change her and noticing all the orange soft mushy poop.

Totally gross and totally NOT what I was expecting.

After all, we have heard such great things about Zenpep. Most children seem to do well with it and show little signs after they switch to it. I guess Madeline is that exception.

I called the clinic today. They suggested I go in to 5 MS-4's and see if we notice a change. They mentioned something about upping the reflux meds if needed to help with the enzyme absorption. It all sounded good until I reminded the nurse that Madeline's doctor said she was at the MAX for her reflux meds. In fact, she is taking beyond the recommended dosage for her weight and age. It's no secret that Madeline's projectile vomiting in the past showed how STRONG of a reflux dose she needs. Trust me, you know when she doesn't get that med! My husband and I joke about how we should go into the "Vomit Cleaning Business." We are official experts of getting up anything from chocolate pediasure to prunes dripping into your carpet. You need secrets...we got 'em! So not cool though...

So, as the nurse reminded me on the phone. We have clinic next Monday. I cannot wait to tell them that she hasn't gained the needed amount because "remember?! We told you she wasn't absorbing her food for 2 weeks." I mean the child is eating...and what is worse??? She isn't absorbing her food!

Madeline even eats Cheetos with a fork?! Who does that?! We will do all the tricks even if they are "weird" to get her to eat. She LOVES her fork!

Clapping for pepperoni

Yes, cheetos with a fork....
Hopefully these enzymes will start working SOON! If not, I may go a little mental worrying...


  1. I hear you on the vomit cleaning. Zoey is much better now that we went to night feeds at a really slow rate. She could not handle her feeding tube being run fast. Even before the feeding tube it was vomit central in our house. Zoey is still on pancrecarb, we still have several boxes, but I am worried that it is no longer working. I wonder if I need to raise her dose or the expiration date is wrong. Same thing, the worst gas ever, gross diapers, and 4-5 very wet poopy diapers in a day. It was so bad at daycare today she came home in different clothing.

  2. Ahh...not cool at all. Maybe her body needs a little more time to adjust. Maybe? Wishful thinking right! I hope you guys find something that works for her soon. Like I always say, I LOVE seeing pictures of your cutie pie. I just want to eat her up!


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