Thursday, October 14

Raises and Forks

So, the great news about today was that....Jack officially got a raise! We are so pleased since he recently took
his job as a government contractor/consultant in Janurary. This was 9 short months of work and already the company was happy to let Jack know that they were very pleased with his performance. This does wonders for our family since we currenly have a house that is sitting empty (with a full mortgage on it). We are also renting a place so we could all move together once Jack accepted his job in january. Cystic Fibrosis is not the "cheapest" disease and insurance once you are in the "civilian world" comes at a $200/month price tag per person versus "free" in the military. But, all things aside our family is delighted that Jack is available now and not being deployed. The change from military to civilian lifestyle had our family take a  HUGE pay cut but the happiness far outrules any pay check. News of his pay raise makes me very proud of him. Tonight was a night to celebrate at Outback. We are all feeling very blessed....

Mommy and Madeline at Outback
 On another note, today was the day that Madeline used....a FORK. She is nearly 20 months but never really had any interest in a fork. We started giving her one at dinner and after she watched us...she wanted to be "big." Madeline has always been "behind" in the eating department. This meaning that she was exposed to 2nd foods meats at nearly 11 months. This is of course, very late for babies. Due to Madeline's severe refulx issues and hospital stays as an infant we were advised by her GI doctor to not "expose" her to foods like this until it was recommended. So with this being said, everything with food has been pushed back with her development. She is a great eater and still is right on track according to her "late schedule". She enjoyed picking up strawberries with her fork this afternoon for lunch. She is a LOVER of strawberries and I have noticed how FAR she will go to just get a strawberry in her mouth. It's so exciting to see her progress every day.

We have so many things to be thankful for today. Cheers to "raises" and "forks!"

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  1. Girlfriend is doing great with that fork! Bryce is over 2 and uses spoon/fork sometimes. He still thinks the best from of feeding is with his hands. I figured he needs those calories so I don't care how he gets it from plate to mouth. Makes for a lovely mess. :/

    Madeline is such a doll!


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