Friday, October 22

Out with the old. In with the new.

So, our lives have been in limbo for the past 2 weeks. Most of you know, that our house in Chesapeake, VA has been on the market for over 10 months. We had one low ball offer in April and NO OFFERS until 2 weeks ago. In the past 2 weeks we have had 3 offers. Some were okay, some were just drama, and today was the perfect one. I say "the perfect one" not because we "saved" ourselves money or even broke even... only because they came close to our listing price. Mind you, we bought our first house in Chesapeake in 2006 when it was a SELLERS MARKET and of course, we have been trying to sell it in a BUYERS MARKET. Yes, our timing was a little off but with new jobs...come new houses and moves. (We won't mention how much we are loosing to this house but the thought of being able to buy a few cars is just a small reminder!)We needed to sell and today our house is officially "under contract." The past two weeks have been more than stressful and the thought of not selling it quick enough has been putting a strain  on both Jack and I.

Our old house in Chesapeake, VA

We also have been waiting to say that we are "officially" building a house of our own. We signed a contract a little over a month ago to start our new  house knowing that our lease on our rental will be up in January. The foundation is being started this Monday, the 25th. We had our "pre- construction" meeting today with the builder and we are so happy to have this opporunity to build a house that suits us! The house is set to be completed in January 2011.

Our lot. Future site of our NEW home!

Rendering of New House

Suddenly our life is feeling more settled again. We will keep our fingers crossed that our old house will pass its home inspection with flying colors. We will hopefully be paying one less monthly payment come the end of November as we close on our old house. One less morgage, One less rental payment. And finally in January the much desired transition from "military life to civilian life" will be accomplished. Yes, we are still feeling the pay cut, the discomfort of living in a 2 bedroom townhouse rental, a suction of our cash flow draining from mortage payments and rental fees but really it has been totally worth it. Having my husband around and Madeline having her daddy with her has made all of the transition worth while. Even in those moments when I doubted what we had all suddenly feels right.

Tonight we can all sleep a little better knowing that life may really subside to a "new normal" once again and all of this was worth waiting for.


  1. Oh Sandy...I'm so excited for you guys. What a load off your shoulders. Getting to pick out all the insides to a new house is a blast!! Lots of new and fun things to look forward too. Have a great weekend.


  2. I loved your old house! So many fun times there!I am so excited you for to build a new house for your cute little family!


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