Thursday, May 19

CF Walk and Madeline's Marchers

Madeline's Marchers made it to DC for the walk to support Madeine and others with CF! We had a great team this year made of family, friends, and teachers/staff from Madeline's school, The Merit School. We were so thankful for all that showed up, walked with us, and donated from afar. We raised over $8,500 that will to then CFF! We are so thankful! 

It was such a fun time had by all. There was music, plenty of food, kids activities, drinks, and so many people to meet and talk to. We really enjoyed the day- the kids did too!

Madeline's friend, Elin and students/ teachers from the Merit School

We had such a fabulous group of teachers and staff supporting us and Madeline from the Merit School. Mrs. George, the principal as well as Miss Smithson, Madeline's 1st grade teacher came. They brought with them many other teachers that wanted to support Madeline and the CFF from her school.

Madeline's classmates and friend, Amaar
Supporting us!

 The Merit School also ran a book sale organized and started by Miss Smithson, her first grade teacher with help from Mrs. George, the principal. The proceeds from the donated lightly used books went straight to Madeline's Marchers. We had such a great support from parents, students, and teachers from the Merit School for the book sale. Many people purchased, donated books, and helped run the book sale during school, after school, and at other sister schools.

MIss Smithson came up with the idea and organized the sale which brought in close to $700 for our team and the CFF. We are so thankful for the community support of the Merit School. It's a small school of only about 120 students but the outpouring of love, donations, and money raised was amazing! We are so thankful for everyone involved.

Miss Smithson and Ms. Davis
( running book sale)

 Madeine loved having her amazing teacher, Miss Smithson at her walk as well as Ms G, Ms Davis, Ms Lamboni, Ms Mayers, Ms. Phillips, Mrs. G, and Mrs. George, the principal. 
We are so thankful for all and what they have  done for Madeline and the CFF.

Madeline and her BFF, Bella

THANK YOU to all involved! We thank you so much....

See you next May at Great Strides 2017!




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