Friday, March 9

The Golden Arches

Do you see those golden arches?!
 "That's a M!" Madeline shouts while we driving on our way back from running errands

"That's a yell-OO M" she screams and points!

She waits for me to acknowledge that she has seen the golden arches.
"Yes, Madeline. That is McDonalds"

"McDon-nells chickn' nug-GETS!"

"Get McDon-nells chickn' nug-GETS! (The excitement is clear in her voice.)

There is so much enthusiasm for McDonalds chicken nuggets in our car that it is unbelievable.
Most mothers cringe at the thought of their child demanding McDonalds nuggets .....

But, not this mom. I squeal in delight when she demands "chickn' nug-GETS."
I get excited hearing her voice change as she asks to get them. I almost can't get to the car fast enough (when we are at home) because I am beaming. I am just so happy that she is in love with a VERY high fat  food.

Children with Cystic Fibrosis need the high fat, high sodium, and high calorie food that McDonald's chicken nuggets offer. In fact, CF patients often need 3 times the amount of calories that "normal" people eat to maintain a healthy weight and good lung function. Children, like Madeline sometimes have a hard time finding a THRILL with food because they are bribed, coerced, and sometimes forced to eat "just one more bite" of food at every meal. This can make food "unexciting" many times...

But, Madeline loves the thrill of going through the drive through and scoffing down all 4 nuggets before we take the 10 minute drive home. I can hear the "crunching" of the nuggets between her teeth at every bite and it seems like magic to my ears. I look into my rear view and see her squealing with delight as she is inhaling her nuggets.  And the best part of driving home is when she asks...

"Another chickn' nug-GET?!" I turn around at the next light and say..."Say please....."

She "begs" me for the next nugget. I am delighted she is sooo happy eating these nuggets. I want to freeze this time for her because she seriously LOVES eating them.

And although I know that this is her new found favorite (high fat  food )and times will change, I am hopeful that the cashier at the McDonald's drive thru doesn't think that I am seriously inhaling all of these nuggets every week!

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  1. Awesome! Chicken Nuggets, goooood. Alex use to seem the sign when he was little and start yellling "Golden Arches"!


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