Thursday, January 19

Long day....

We are all hanging in. It took us over 7 hours to get from admitting to an actual hospital room but we finally made it at 10pm. It has been a long day full of ups and down so this post is going to be short. Madeline got her temporary if tonight and will get her bronch and picc line tomorrow. I am hopeful that we will be able to get past the picc line and bronch as smoothly as possible. Hopefully things will stabilize tomorrow and we begin to get into a routine. Madeline's had a very long and hard day. Im going to try and get some sleep next to her. Thanks again for all your thoughts and notes. Jacks and I are trying to be so strong for Madeline. It helps so much to have others around you holding you up....I can't express that enough.... More updates tomorrow....


  1. Hoping the bronch and picc goes smoothly.

    Gem x

  2. Praying today is a smooth day for you all! Keep us updated when you can.

  3. Much love to you all!

    Hoping for a very smooth day tomorrow and that everything goes okay.
    In our thoughts xx

  4. I sooo feel for you because we are there so often with Aidan. It's heartbreaking and I usually wind up crying...alot. Prayers that the next few days go as smoothly as possible. Hang in there.


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