Wednesday, January 25

Day 7; Going Home

It\'s official... We are going home on Wednesday from the hospital. I can\'t wait to break the news to Madeline before we leave. She has been asking to go since we checked in through crying and tears. I can\'t wait to get her back to the place she feels safe...with all her toys, animals, and her bed. I am also looking forward to sleeping in a bed again instead of a chair! We met with the discharge nurse today. We will meet with dr again tomorrow, have a dressing change, and get all of our Iv meds and additional medicine from the hospital pharmacy to take home with us. We were given some training on how to administer Madeline Iv antibiotic drugs that she will continue at home. The home health nurse will meet us at our house after discharge to go over more instructions on flushing the picc line, cleaning it, maintaining the dressing, bathing, and using the equipment and antibiotics to effectively treat Madeline at home for the next week. We are expecting a discharge around 3 pm after all instructions have been discussed and our paperwork has been signed off with the doctor and nurses. Then we will make the two hour drive back home with our little hero....celebrating her strength and our thankfulness that we are going home! More updates coming about our daily home Iv therapy and Madeline\'s adjustment to being home....


  1. I am anxious to read and see you guys doing this at home, because i hope to be able to do that next time with Caroline.. Good luck!!

  2. Congratulations! I hope you had a safe trip home.


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