Monday, January 23

Day 5; No News

Not much to report today. We have gotten into some sort of routine...if that is what you call being on hospital scheduling. We have been trying to get in 4 neb treatments a day. Usually we only do 2 a day at home but Madeline\'s doctor felt the extra nebs would help move the psuedo around more to help the Iv antibiotics have a better chance of eradicating this bacteria. And of course trying to fit in a nap, 3 meals, 5 Iv infusions, and countless checkups with the doctors, nurses, and respiratory techs makes for a very busy day. It would be an understatement to say that Madeline is tired...she is having a hard time relaxing since she knows usually a barricade of doctors storm in her room with needles, large masks, purple gloves, and a yellow gowns on to work on her. Usually once she falls asleep that nap helps bring back her spirit more and more each day. It was great to see her bounce back today after her nap. She has moments where she is just happy. That makes me happy seeing her being herself for those few moments.

Medically she is doing well. The ivs are going through her. She is eating and drinking fine. Her blood levels are good and she has no fevers from the bronch. She still has no signs of coughing or anything related to pseudo. The lung samplings results will be finalized from the bronch tomorrow (Monday). At that
point we will learn where the pseudo is hiding and what the plan forward will be as far as this hospitalization goes. We are extremely nervous about hearing the results and plan from the doctor. Hopefully we will find out when the doctor examines Madeline tomorrow morning. I will post more as we find out the results. Thanks for ALL your support. It\'s amazing to hear from so many people who are thinking of madeline and our family during this trying time. Your comments mean a lot to us.....

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  1. Waiing so anxiously here (it's Monday afternoon here in England). I'm hoping that everything continues as well and you guys get good news today.

    You all seem to be coping really well which I'm pleased about.

    Lots of hugs and love xxx


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