Saturday, December 3

Tree Shopping

We decided to drive out to a christmas tree farm and cut a tree ourselves this weekend. We knew Madeline would enjoy being outside and thought she would love running through a field of trees(being the nature girl she is). She repeateatly asks anytime we get into the car.....

She first says, "Go to the Zoooo?!" (She loves the animals at the national zoo.)

Then she says, " So see YaYa Poppi....or Grandpa and Grandma?" (Her grandparents)

And usually if those don't work she asks, "Go to the Parrrrk?"

If any of the 3 places aren't on our destination she gets a little bummed out....

    So over the weekend I asked her, before she could ask me:
 "Do you want to go to the park and get a Christmas tree?"

She squealed in delight and her face lit up with a smile. I hit the nail on the head. Two words....


She is VERY fond of those things!

So even though it wasn't a "park" she didn't know the difference because they had sticks.....another favorite thing!

Those sticks are SUCH a favorite thing that she ignored the trees and ran through mud puddles marveling in
all the sticks she could pick up.

                             And excited more and more about pieces of sticks....and GRASS....

                          She was not enthused with the tree we were about to cut down or posing with me
                        for a picture.....such a nature girl..

                       Just wanted to continue her search for more STICKS....

Jack hauled  the  "perfect tree" back to the car for us....

                      (Still hauling it away through the field of trees.....)

We came home to hang lights on the tree. Madeline LOVED the lighted tree....

                          Hopefully this weekend we will finish decorating it....with her help. ;)

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