Friday, December 23

Our Challenge...

Usually, Jack and I are constantly discussing Madeline's weight and trying to find ways to add more calories due to the need for extra calories as it relates to Cystic Fibrosis.

About a month ago, Jack and I decided it was time we take a look at ourselves and start the
 24 Day Challenge by Advocare in a effort to eat better and also loose some extra weight we  gained. The truth is that Cystic Fibrosis is a stressful disease and oftentimes, Jack and I use midnight nachos or an added snack/alcoholic drink to help sooth that stress. Indulgence is never a bad thing but it just felt like those indulgences had taken over our waist lines. Not to mention that having a child with CF means you have to KEEP and SERVE high calorie/fat meals and snacks. It's not always easy serving cookies, bacon, and greasy foods. This was the right time to work together on a goal. A goal to lose some of the weight and stress....

Christmas eve marked the 24th day of our 24 Day Challenge. Together we lost over 20 pounds! Jack lost 13 pounds and I lost 10! (and I dropped a size in pants!) We had an incredible time taking on this challenge together and learned so many ways to make healthier meals that taste good. The challenge also brought us closer together in ways I never thought it would. Laughing about the awful fiber drinks, comparing who lost more weight for the week, and confessing how we both cheated from the diet. It was hard work but so worth while. We didn't manage to fit in exercising as a part of the challenge but if we had, I can only imagine how much MORE weight we would have lost.

The best part about Advocare is that you are encouraged to eat every few hours. It is simply NOT a starvation diet. We also used quite a bit of recipes compiled from sources online. The hardest part was omitted ALL alcoholic drinks and soda. Once we got into a rhythm, we thought very little about either. I haven't had a Coke Zero in over 24 days and I cannot say that I even want one today. (Did I mention that we usually have 3 cases of Coke Zero in our garage. It is surely was an addiction for Jack and I.)

Hopefully we didn't gain too much over the waistline is somehow feeling those added cookies that we ate. It's time to jump back to Advocare. If you are looking for a jump start to your weight loss...I totally recommend! These are the best photos I can show to display the change....

This was taken this summer....(I may have lost some from then....but you can see my face showing more weight)


Advocare really help you take off the "belly fat" unfortuneatly, I lost some in my chest too.
Boo! ;)

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  1. Way to go Sandy! That is awesome and you look fantastic. Keep up the great work. Hugs.


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