Sunday, May 22

Let it be said.

Let it be said that ...

It feels amazing to be supported by your closest friends and family to support a cause that may one day cure your daughter of a life-threatening disease.  It it mind blowing at times to see how gracious friends and family have been to donate their own  money to help beat this disease to give Madeline and others battling CF a way to hope for a CURE.

Throughout the past few months and today I have felt all of these emotions. I feel the graciousness of others daily. I am constantly reminded that we are not alone in this journey as scary and as hard it can be at times. Days when Madeline is fighting Pseudo, not gaining weight, coughing,  and not eating are hard days. Our friend and family will continue to support us through those days... like today's walk.

Everyone is here supporting us. We are not alone. We all fighting to find a cure for her. We are all fighting to keep her healthy.

And...we have some of the most caring and supportive friends/amily than anyone could ask for. Every donation, every dollar, every email/phone call/text inquiry asking how she is doing, every effort to protect Madeline from germs and do what is best to keep her healthy is never unnoticed. It is valued, appreciated, and it continually moves me to tears. Let it never go unsaid...

Today I realized we have such an army of people holding our family up.It has been amazing to watch those people around us go to LONG lengths to just show how much they care about Madeline and what they are willing to do to show this. We could not be as strong if it wasn't for all of YOU.

So let it be said that ...we are forever grateful for all of you. We need you through our journey and we thank you!.

We will beat this disease because you supported us.

Thank you.

Love to you all-


We had a great walk and celebration afterwards to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation today. Thanks again to everyone that donated or walked. We hope that soon enough a walk won't be needed because we will find a cure.

Here are some great pictures of our walk this morning.

Madeline wanted to "run" for a cure today.
My little CF fighter never stops fighting.

                 Thanks for continuing to "fight" the big fight (CF) with us. We need you! <3

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  1. Sharlene HammondMay 23, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    We love you guys and we had so much fun at the walk (and at dinner at your place). You can always count on the Hammonds to support you and be there for you. Already looking forward to next year's walk!


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