Thursday, April 21

Big Girl Bed Night # 1

Yesterday, Madeline's "big girl" bed arrived via J.C. Penny delivery. It was great because not only did they deliver but two guys from the company actually put the bed together in her room. The delivery cost included this service so I cannot complain too much. Since we moved we have bought a ton of IKEA stuff which has been fun but also time consuming since you have to do all the assembling yourself. This was an added bonus.

After getting out the bedding, toddler safety rails, and pillow the bed was ready for Madeline by the time she usually goes down for the night. We were so impressed with her excitement when she saw the toddler bed a few days ago and managed to sleep really well in it every night. We were hoping for just as much success last night. I was a little skeptical though since not only were we introducing a new style of bed, we were also introducing  her to a completely new bed. (Her toddler bed was just her crib converted with different rails.)

As you can see, she was VERY excited, yet again.....

She had to bring her favorite blocks to bed with her!

She has always adjusted  well to most changes in her life. (new places and environments) It amazes me that she shows excitement when she notices changes in her environment and, it stuns me that she also behaves well to these  new changes after she gets over her intial excitement....

So we left her in her new bed for the night....

And I went in to get her this morning....


She didn't wake up at all or freak out. She's got a lot of bed to move around in and those rails worked well.
She never got out either! So all in all....

a success again!!!

Did I tell you how much a love this kid?!


  1. Wow! What a trooper! She is so cute and does seem to adjust so well to things! That is great!!

  2. That's how Ben looks when he wakes up! Bed is torn apart and feet are often on the pillow but he's asleep so I call it a success!
    PS- Where'd you get M's bedding? Pottery Barn? It's adorable!!

  3. Bless her!
    She seems to be adapting so well and brilliant news she slept the whole night through in it.
    Go Madeline! I love the way kids sleep messy, it's super cute.


  4. Adorable! She looked so happy about her new big girl bed! Time is flyin... Hope yall are well! Hugs.


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