Thursday, February 3

Way to Go Steelers! Helping CF!

I cannot say that I am a huge football fan or that I root for any specific team.
But I will say that the Pittsburgh Steelers are making me happy these days....

From the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:
Steelers fans can show their allegiance and contribute to the CF cause by purchasing a “Respect the Beard, Fear the Diesel” T-shirt, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the CF Foundation. To purchase a T-shirt, click here.
The Pittsburgh Steelers have long been supporters of the Foundation’s mission to cure and control the disease, and Keisel has served as honorary chairperson of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter’s 65 Roses Sports Auction for several years, says Mary Pat Joseph, chapter executive director. “Brett is a really special guy, and together with the rest of the players, the Steelers team has done a great deal to raise funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis each year.”

So support the Steelers and CF! Buy your t-shirt today!

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  1. Um, Boogie Wipes are the bomb! Thank you so much for the suggestion! I picked them up on Friday and we have used them since. It's so much easier for Bennett, which makes me feel better too! Thanks for the idea!!


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