Sunday, January 30

Easy Vitamin D!

So, the winter months always call for our CFers to get a little extra vitamin D. Really, we all need a little extra vitamin D to keep us happy. Usually giving the numerous amount of vitamins to our children results in a battle because their are just too many that they don't absorb well. Maybe I am behind the times but when was this product developed??!!

Carlson Vitamin D3 Ddrops 2000IU 365 drops

Yes that is 2,000IU of vitamin in ONE DROP. Just one drop to get into your child's mouth. When I heard about this product from our CF Center I was in disbelief. Can it really be this easy?

I was sent home  with information about this nifty product. I have already ordered it and hope that it will be that much easier to give to Madeline since all it takes is one drop to get the full 2,000 IU needed daily. Lately, I have had to fill my dropper 3 times for Madeline with the Enfamil (Infant Drops) D-Vi-Sol just to get the same dose. What a great break this will be!

I ordered mine online here but if you google it, you will find it is also sold in some speciality stores. You can also order it directly from the Carlson website.

Hope I wasn't the only one missing out on this great product!

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  1. Love this! We use one drop of D-vi-sol but will purchase this item when we need to increase our dosage! Thank you!


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