Thursday, December 2

Stupid enzymes PART 2

Ugg. Well, I already titled one of my posts "stupid enzymes." It seems as though those "stupid enzymes"
are giving me even more trouble.

So as you remember, Madeline switched to Zenpep over a week ago and her stools were VERY smelly and showed some major malabsorbtion....

So, I talked to the clinic and they said up the dosage by 5,000 lipase...(1 pill)

So, I did....




We went from pooping 3-4 times a day and major malabsorbtion to NO POOPING AT ALL!!!!

Please, CF can we all just catch a break?

I mean what is it? 4 or 5 pills?

Finally, this morning...right before I was ready to dial the clinic. Madeline let out a BASEBALL size poop.
(not to get graphic really..) And by the way, I did have thoughts about actually posting a pic of it because it was so MASSIVE that I could hardly believe she pooped it out with little effort. Because everyone knows that CF mom's take pics of their kids poop...It's one thing that makes us proud!

So, now I am feeling better (and I imagine Madelie is too! LOL)...But the question is: How many enzymes now????

I guess this stupid enzymes want to keep playing their games. I better win in the end.


  1. The same thing happened to Bryce when he switched from Creon to Zenpep. We are back to the point of do we up them or what. It's like once you think you have a handle or everything, wham something happens.

  2. You have to love a good poop story. I am sure we all have plenty!

  3. We don't have the problem with enzymes as Soph is still PS but I still have lots of pictures of poop! We have problems with blocks every now and again though so can understand your frustration. I hope you guys can get it sorted.


  4. Azer had a ton of troubles from switching from Pancrecarb to Zenpep. When he was first prescribed them, he vomited for days. He actually got admitted to the hospital because he wasn't tolerating them.

    When I cut down on the dosage, he wouldn't absorb anything. When I upped the dosage, I think he vomited so much because he was backed up. Even if he was stooling consistently.

    Well, finally he gained a bunch of weight after the G-tube, and I suppose his body has adjusted to the Zenpep. His stools are not smelly and they sink to the bottom. I have long discussions about poop with my son in the morning. It's like water cooler talk ... except it's by the toilet.

  5. I would really like to see a baseball size poop ball. Lol! I'm laughing with you momma...

  6. We have had no problems really with Courtney since switching from Creon and Pancrecarb to Zenpep she has always been my little tooter and let me tell you she can make you leave the room the same with her poop sometime. When we first started on the zenpep she had a awesome weigh gain but now it's like we are back at a stand still. How many is she taking? Courtney is on 2 20's and a 10 with meals and 2 20's with snacks.


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