Sunday, December 26

A Dose of Christmas

We made the trip to Richmond, Virginia to visit with my parents over the holiday and are still enjoying the comfort of family. It's been a refreshing trip for me, especially after Madeline's culture results came back positive for Pseudo 2 weeks prior to this holiday season. Not the best timing for the nasty bacteria in my girl's lungs, but at least family visits seem to heal my soul a little.

Madeline loves her Ya-Ya so much

Mom and Dad enjoy a laugh

Enjoying being a family

We have had a lot of fun this Christmas. It was Madeline's 1st time taking part in the Christmas festivities. Once you tell her to "rip" the present...she tears all the wrapping off. Sometimes even more fascinated with the bows than the actual present.

Ripping open those gifts...

My little gift unwrapper...
Jack and I were able to eat lunch out, go shopping, and enjoy "husband and wife" time for a change. It seems that CF life often doesn't allow us to do this. My parents are always so supportive in finding the time for Jack and I to do these things when we visit. We are so grateful for this opportunity too. It does great things for our souls.

Enjoying some husband time...

Our white Christmas also started...
Richmond starting getting snow late Christmas day and it has just finally subsided this Sunday evening. We got a good 4-6 inches and took some time to "play" in it outside with Madeline. She just squeals in delight.

View from my parent's house onto the pretty!

Squeals from all the snow!

Fun with Daddy...

It's been a blessing to have family around while we are giving Madeline extra antibiotics and more treatments. As a Cf mom, it is a blessing to be able to stay at home with Madeline since she does require some much time with all of her therapies but on the other hand it can be an emotional struggle to live through added medications ALL DAY with her. It is just a reminder of how controlling this disease is..and how our motherly instincts just kick up a gear in fear that she is sick and  we won't fully know if any of these therapies worked until a month later. And even through our best efforts daily, that Pseudo may just decide to take home in her lungs. This is the hardest part ...some days...staying home with her. I just never do get away from it. Regardless, I would never want it any different. This Christmas has been a treat for me to escape away from it, just for a few seconds knowing that someone else can step in during the day.

Snuggling with Ya Ya

I know I am truly blessed having supportive parents. This Christmas was really what my soul needed. Family somehow makes it so much better. I am know I am lucky. Lucky for so much in life. I needed this "regrouping" over the holidays. It has helped me cope better with Madeline's culture results and my own sanity. Family gave me the best gift this happiness back. And maybe even the ability to's going to be okay....

On a side note: Madeline's lengthy treatments have caused some stress but in all she is doing really well sitting for hours on end. She is a true fighter and we are thankful for her strong personality to help fight this disease. Although is hard to tell if we beat this Pseudo bug yet, she has great energy and only coughs periodically. We are all positive and hopeful that January culture results will say that we have beat this and until then we are going to be okay. Thanks again for all the continuing support that our friends and family show. We are so thankful that you are in this fight with us. We need each and every one of helps more than you know. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday....


  1. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Glad you were able to get some good hubby time in! That's always needed especially since this disease can be so overwhelming. PS- I agree with you so much about being able to stay at home with our CFer's. It's such a blessing!

  3. You need to tell me next time you're in Midlothian! I was there too! We ran around and saw a lot of Josh's family. Glad you had a good Christmas! I was a little freaked driving home on Sunday!


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