Monday, October 4

Fall Family Weekend!

So this weekend, the 3 of us drove down to Richmond, VA to visit with my parents. We call it our "vacation house" because it always feels like such a treat to drive 2 hours out of DC to this!!!!.We often sit on the deck overlooking the lake and sip wine while eating mom's homemade appetizers. Days are spent on the boat and the feeling of family is really soaked up in every hour of the weekend. There is really nothing better for the 3 of us, then a trip to my parents. We had a weekend full of fun and family.

Ya-Ya and Pop Pop taking M for a ride around the lake.

M enjoying nature

I think we have a sailor on our hands. Madeline has a true love for the water just like her daddy. Pop Pop even let her drive the boat a few times. Jack couldn't be any more excited that he may have someone to sail with in the distant future. He dreams of teaching Madeline his skills on sailing....

My little driver

Can you see the passion?

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  1. She is so cute! Sounds like a great weekend.


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