Sunday, September 19

Nature Gal

We did a lot of "park searching" this weekend. Madeline has developed a STRONG like for nature. She loves to pick up leaves, sticks, twigs, acorns and, study them. Sometimes she will stop on the sidewalk and squat to look at her newest findings. If the finding is of her liking, she will turn the squat into a sitting position. There she will plant herself on the sidewalk and bang the stick to hear the noise it makes. She may watch it bend or break as she pushes harder into the sidewalk. Sometimes she will beat two of her sticks together. If she finds accorns she will throw them and focus on how they bounce or what kind of noise they make. Somtimes twirling the various leaves in her hand is enough to keep her entertained for minutes on end. She stares at these items like they are amazing and does not like anyone to interrupt her when she is examing them.

Examing leaves near our townhouse

We visited Roosevelt Island in Arlington, VA (just outside of the DC limits) on Saturday. Today, we went to Leeslyvannia State park in Woodbridge, VA. This park bordered the Potomac River. She charged the water a few times before becoming discouraged from us telling her no. (Water is another piece of nature that Madeline adores.) She eventually found tons of leaves and sticks that kept her busy. With the seasons soon changing in DC, Madeline is going to be in pure heaven. Leaves everywhere...

"stick searching" in the  trail at Roosevelt Island

Leesylvannia State Park

I am not quite sure where the love of nature came from. Jack and myself like the outdoors but have never been into nature like Madeline seems to be. It will be interesting to see if Madeline continues to value the outdoors as she gets older and more mature.

Leesylvannia State Park: Bridge over pond

Jack and Madeline with Potamac River

Until then, Jack and I can usually find a park bench and watch as Madeline enjoys her simple pleasure...

Madeline has a talk with Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Madeline is so cute! Thanks for checking out my blog - I'm a new follower! :)
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