Saturday, August 28

Good times...good friends..

We had a very busy saturday but that was a-okay for M. She LOVES to get moving.

First, we went to the local park and let her run around. She loves being chased and others chasing her. She screams a blood curling scream and runs faster when she hears footsteps
approaching her. I love to watch and hear her is almost contagious. I took a few pictures of her when she was in her running mode and then she decided to sit in the middle of the trail and take a breather. It was a fun morning with her but I think we really wore her out...

Then, this afternoon we went to celebrate Sylvia's 1st birthday. I have known Sylvie and her mom, Lauren for a few years. We were lucky enough to both have submariner husbands that served on the same boat. We have been through deployments together- and folks, that means we have been through a LOT together. Our girls are only 6 months apart and we spend 2 days every week going shopping, walking the parks, checking out DC, or just enjoying our girls together. Lauren is just one of those friends that seems to understand the complex issues of having a child with CF, even though Sylvie is completely healthy. She is just that kind friend that you can trust ...and I always feel comfortable having M around Sylvie. We are honest with each other and cancel play dates if either girls have any signs of illness. Honestly, it is truly hard to find friends like this. So, today was special for our family. We got to celebrate little Sylvie turning 1 years old.

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  1. M is so adorable! What a great job you are doing raising a lovely CFer! I just want to squeeze those cute cheeks! :) It's nice to bloggy meet you!


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