Tuesday, August 17

Flower Girl = Madeline

We just got back from my brother's wedding in Kingsport, TN yesterday. It was a great weekend of family, friends, drinks, and celebration. Madeline was a great flower girl. Her dress was handmade by one of joe's best girl friend's. (She was also a bridesmaid and is holding M in one of the pics above.) It was a long 8 hours of driving with a toddler but all in all everything well. Madeline really enjoyed meeting some of her relatives for the first time and performing at the reception with table spoons. She really is a people person and this makes events like weddings..all the easier with a toddler.

The other great part was that Jack and I hired a babysitter for our FIRST time. She was incredible with Madeline and took care of her on Friday and Saturday night so Jack and I could enjoy some of the rehearsal dinner and wedding festivities. We were a little nervous at first but, after meeting Colleen and talking to her about M's cf side of her care, we felt as though she was very receptive. Madeline took well to her and Jack and I marveled in our time together. It was a much needed break for everyone.
Not to mention my brother looked stellular...as well as the bride...

Such a great time...that I almost forgot in those few days that my little Madeline has CF.
It was a great va-cay for mama. I really need it...

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  1. She looked adorable!! Glad you and the hubs got some time alone together. Always a special treat. :)


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